Jackson College E-mail

To access student and employee e-mail click the ‘Office 365 Login’ link below. The College’s e-mail system uses Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based solution. Information on how to use Office 365 is available on the Office 365 Support site.

Please review the Responsible Use Policy (pdf) for information regarding the use of this service.

Office 365 Login


The username format for logging into Office 365 is the first seven letters of your last name, first seven letters of your first name, and your middle initial followed by a domain of @my.andre-amenagement.com (student) or @andre-amenagement.com (employee).

  • Student Example: If your name were student Jane Anita Smithson, your username would be: smithsojanea@my.andre-amenagement.com.
  • Employee Example: If you are an employee named Jane Anita Smithson, your username would be: smithsojanea@andre-amenagement.com.


Your default password for your e-mail will be in the following format:

First letter of first name capitalized, first letter of last name in lowercase, 2 digits of your day of birth, the last two digits of your birth year, and the last four digits of your student I.D.

Office 365 Student E-mail change information.

Please contact the Solution Center at 517.796.8639 for further assistance.